When things go wrong

Our experience and the problems we have resolved.

Motorcycle Rs 125

The owner of this motorcycle recently came to us to have an mot test done, the bike failed on tyres,chain and sprockets and a couple of minor lighting defects, we quoted her a price which she said was too expensive and that she could get it done cheaper elsewhere, we said fine, get the work done and we will do the mot retest, she returned with the bike and we checked it, when we did we found the rear tyre fitted the wrong way round both tyres fitted incorrectly on the rims, the chain adjuster bolts loose and adjusted unevenly, both tyres had not been balanced and the lighting failures were still present, we asked her how much she had paid which turned out to only be £20 less than we had quoted, the moral is sometimes if it seems too good to be true it usually is.

Motorcycle Рeugeot 50 carburettor

If you’re wondering what this is, it’s the carburettor from a Рeugeot 50, 2 stroke, the customer had left the bike standing for 6 months resulting in the fuel transforming its self into the jelly you see, essentially the carb was full of vaseline, if you leave your bike to stand for this length of time drain the fuel.

Peugeot 50 motorcycle carburettor

Wiring damage

We have heard many tales across the internet about squirrels storing nuts in airboxes, mice making nests and even snakes living in bikes. We thought they were all urban myths until this bike came in, the damage above was caused by rats nibbling the insulation off the wiring, apparently they love the taste. After reinsulating the wiring and removing evidence of our furry friends the scooter lives again.

Puncture repairing

Be aware that not all recovery companies are the same, the owner of this bike was “assisted” by a roadside recovery man who insisted on repairing the gentlemans puncture rather than taking him to a repair shop, maybe someone should have told him that you can’t repair tube type tyres with a tubeless plug, the only way to repair these type of tyres is to remove the wheel and tyre and repair or replace the tube.

Puncture repair

Oil leak

dsc_9448The owner of this bike complained about a persistent oil leak from the clutch cover despite having replaced the gasket, on investigation we found that the gasket had slipped on installation leading to the casing bolt screwing through the gasket, a tip if any one is considering a similar job is to stick the gasket to the surface with a small amount of grease, not gasket sealer as it usually isn’t required.

BMW clutch

I’m having trouble with my bmw clutch said the voice on the phone, how much do you think it will cost, when he’d picked himself up off the floor after the price quote i started to explain what needs to be done, pictures speak louder than words they say, i think the ones above show how much work is involved which it’s hard to put into words, the only job we did to this bike was to replace the clutch, sometimes what appears to be a straightforward job can sometimes involve the amount of work you can see.

Bit of a strange one this, purchased a bike recently and the owner said he’d fitted heated grips and a battery charger lead but when he turned the ignition on it blew the fuses, he had cut the wires to the grips and the charger to use the bike, simple one really, red to red black to black, double check any time you do any electrical work as it is oh so easy to connect the wrong things (luckily no real damage done here).
double check you do any electrical work as it is


Most scooters are automatics, however you do need to be on the scooter to ride it. The moral here is don’t rev an auto scooter unless you’re ready to ride.

As you know we at Southern Cross work hard to keep your pride and joy on the road and at the end of a hard day we like to sometimes sit down enjoy the evening sun and a cold beverage , little did we know how dangerous drinking could be.
I’m sure that as bike riders we’ve all had close shaves with cars but you shouldn’t expect them when you’re in charge of a garden chair, Richard wins an award for this one though, nearly killed and didn’t spill a drop, all that rock and roll dancing has given him some moves. Take care out there.